Growing Your People
To Grow Your Practice

Tailor-Made Comprehensive Training Programs 
Built Just for Your Veterinary Practice

Day-To-Day Business

Keeps You and Your Staff


No doubt.

We've all been there with little to no time to focus on learning and growth.

But, at what cost?

“Without training, they lacked knowledge. Without knowledge, they lacked confidence. Without confidence, they lacked victory." Julius Caesar

Be Victorious With a Trained Team

Training and developing employees to increase employee engagement, retention and performance is a win for your employee, your organization and your clients and their pets. 

New Hire Integration

Start your new hires out knowing what they must do and achieve to become fully integrated employees in accelerated time.

Core Knowledge

Give each employee the Core Knowledge necessary for their role to do the job you hired them to do.

Vocational Mastery

Provide them the tools to master their vocation so your business is full of Masters of their Craft.

Business Basics

Grow  your staff with basic business skills from Customer Service to Sales Professionals to how to be a Great Teammate who is a Career Focused Business Professional.

Individual Development

Develop your staff personally and professionally, so they become valuable assets to your organization. Support and teach them as they grow with these award winning development tracts.

Management Development

Offer your management team the opportunity to learn how to effectively lead and manage your business with our award winning management development learning tracts.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin

Invest in your people and they'll grow your business

Beyond What You've Imagined.

"Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience." DENIS WAITLEY

Personal and business life thrives when one possesses the ability to continuously develop and improve - to learn, grow and expand. Give your team this gift with a Learn Vet Me LMS.

What Others Say


Not coming with a business background, like most of us in the veterinary field, I struggled when promoted into management.

This platform offered me the opportunity to quickly and thoroughly develop the skills needed to successfully manage my team - from onboarding new employees to performance management and everything in-between.


Vet Tech Manager


Using the group functionality I’m able to communicate with my team as a whole, individually or by special selection.

I can correlate learning tracts with identified needs for groups and individuals while growing individual skills by appointing group leaders to manage and lead the process for others.

It’s an amazing tool to grow, well, me and my team.

Reception Manager


To be frank, I wasn't looking forward to this new project - as a seasoned team member I had so much I was already doing. But as a team player I bit the bullet and gave it a whirl.

So glad I did because This Platform Rocks!

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy each of the courses taken, but I was surprised at how much I learned.

Looking forward to more interaction with Learn Vet Me.


Why Should You Train and Develop?

Organizations train and develop to improve employee performance and organizational results. In the veterinary field it may be even more important to train and develop as the lives of our customer’s beloved pets are at stake.

Your Current Training

Vocation or Management

Engagement and Retention

Consider the current training and development your organization currently offers.

Does it help your employees perform their current job better? Does it develop them for future career goals? It Should.

We all want employees to perform better.

We all want them to develop their skills, grow professionally and met their future career goals. Don’t we? It’s a win-win situation.

When an employee is trained on a piece of equipment the expectation is the employee performs better the next time he or she is asked to operate that piece of equipment.

Why not expect the same from your leadership and management development?

If you do, they can perform better each and every time a situation arises - Learning, Growing and Expanding personally and professionally with each new experience.

Employee development, opportunities for development and knowing an employee’s manager cares about the employee’s development are all factors that increase employee engagement thus productivity.

A recent survey shows 35% of employees indicated if their organization increased the training and development opportunities, they would stay with the employer. Higher employee retention leads to improved organizational performance.

So You Want To Train and Develop

Good for you! And your business! And the people that make that business up!

You can all reap the huge rewards it offers!

 But...where to start such a seemingly  monumental feat?

To Create or Not to Create?

Custom Content Pros

Custom Content Cons

To create or not to create...

Your training materials, courses, learning management systems...

That is the question. 

Should your organization buy off the shelf learning courses or should you build your own courses? 

Determining which is best for your organization is not as easy as it sounds. Sorting through the Pros/Cons may be helpful.

The advantage of developing your own courseware is you get exactly what you want. 

The courses are customized to your organization and to your work flow.  This is HUGE especially in the veterinary field where you want and need your employees to follow standard operating procedures.  

Developing your own courses means you own them, too. You don’t have to pay for the courses year after year, employee after employee. 

Custom content is more expensive than off the shelf courses, though, and many veterinary offices are small businesses without the benefit of a deep corporate wallet. 

Custom content development other requires resources, too.

Do you have an internal team that can create the courses?

And, Do they have the bandwidth to create the courses?

 Learn Vet Me 

Learn Vet Me Learning Management System houses a mixture of off the shelf and custom, tailor-made, just for your organization courses.

A mixture

Off the shelf

Specific to You

Learn Vet Me LMS is a mixture of off the shelf award winning e-learning soft skill and individual and management development courses...

Mixed with custom, tailor-made, just for your organization, comprehensive training programs for every staff member.

You get exactly what you want and need with Learn Vet Me LMS all at an affordable cost for even small clinics.

Learn Vet Me has partnered with Vado to offer award winning e-learning individual and management development courses.

The courses are broken down into short, bite sized modules making it easier for the learner to retain the information and the courses are designed to have the learners learning extend beyond the learning platform by having them apply the course material on the job.

You want content specific to your organization. Learn Vet Me builds or uploads content branded to your organization, including your logo, colors and company images.

Content that contains specific leadership messages, your organization's videos, your forms, your company models and processes are all part of your learning platform and process.

Beyond The Courseware 
                       with Learn Vet Me

It's more than just an e-learning platform. It can be The Hub for what you want your people to focus on and grow in your organization. 

From individual or practice wide conversations, Blogs, Groups, Forums, Badges, Certificates and Rewards the system is designed to take your employees, step by step, to your desired outcome all the while fostering individual learning and organizational involvement.

                                  Beyond the Courseware

The Tool Box

The Toolbox

The Kit and Caboodle

Learning styles

Each course, in most every section, houses a Tool Box full of tools your employees can use to not only learn the job you hired them to do, but to use long term as they serve your client base.

These tools allow your people to become masters of their craft. 

Quick Reference Tools can be easily accessible to your employees. Commonly used Forms, Inventory Logs, Back Up Paper Forms, whatever tools your company utilizes, can be housed on your platform so you have the tools you need. 

The material itself, the kit, the teaching of the information needed to Master the Job, is part of The Tool Box, too. 

The caboodle, the collection of what your employees need to know, can be printed and placed in a notebook so each employee has the information necessary to act in accordance with the policies and procedures of your office. 

The material is at their fingertips, every moment, of every day so they'll have what they need when they need it to serve your client base.

And, it can be personalized by the individual employee as they learn. They can print and organize the information in any way that fits their learning pattern so the material works for them no matter their learning style. 

Employees can even print The Whole Program to have so the information they need is available to them when they need it. 

It’s a great way for new employees to learn as they go and existing ones to hone their skills on the job. 

                                    Beyond the Courseware

Learn Vet Me Checkup

The Checkup

The questions


Each section has a Learn Vet Me Check Up…

A quiz to check in to see how your employee is doing with the information provided. 

The questions are structured to reinforce key points. 

Answers, wrong and right ones, have additional information included so the student is exposed, again, to the key areas of knowledge needed for the job you’ve hired them to perform.

The questions are structured so the student uses the Tools provided to them. Cheat Sheets are only useful if one knows how to use them. 

The Learn Vet Me Check Up section provides the experience of using the Cheat Sheets used in your office before your new hire hits the floor so he or she can hit your floor running, knowing the information needed to successfully and masterfully serve your customer while your current employees have the added benefit of the same information.

Quizzes are graded in real time so your employee knows if they have mastered the information in front of them or if more attention to the information is required.

An 80% grade or higher gets them to the next level of learning.

Less than 80% requires the learner to review the material again.

You can be assured your employees not only have access to the information they need to succeed, but will master it.

                                    Beyond the Courseware

Badges & Certificates



Motivate, Inspire, Reward

A badge...

Is a validated display of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in your Learn Vet Me LMS. 

The acquisition of skills can be represented in your Badges of academic achievement or for collaboration, teamwork, leadership and/or other skills or accomplishments.

Want more focus on the Customer Service aspect of your business?

Create a Badge to reward those going above and beyond for and with your customers.


Accomplishments are visible to all your employees and are customizable so...

You Make The Rules. 

Certificates signify an employee has reached a certain standard of knowledge in a particular area and usually goes beyond a single course.

Most companies use this tool to identify a learning tract or a Pathway to Mastery in a specific area by identifying a group of courses that would lead one to mastery of a subject.

Each Certificate Program can be defined and outlined on your Learn Vet Me LMS and can include a group of courses in addition to extracurricular activities if desired. 

Looking for a employee to master a particular area of your organization but some information lies within an outside vendor course?

It's easy to house a Certificate Program on your Learn Vet Me LMS with criteria to complete the in-house and vendor course. 

By employing Badges and Certificates you’ll be fostering and recognizing individual learning and organizational involvement...

And, you’ll be acknowledging and rewarding your employees efforts. 

Employees LOVE this!

This approach empowers and encourages them to be all in on embracing new skills and knowledge while engaging with others in your organization. 

What everyone wants for their business!

And,  it's easy to share these accomplishments publicly with the rest of the organization with the Company Blog, in Groups or Forums. 

                                    Beyond the Courseware


The Company Blog



Your Company Blog is a direct connection to your employees - one of the main benefits of having and maintaining a company blog.

It allows you to interact and share ideas and information with your people as a Leadership Communication Tool.

You can even allow employees to correspond with the post or the blogger if you’d like to further the discussion or you can disable the comment section so no additional followup is necessary.

And, for the employees interested in a specific area in the business, an expert perhaps, you can even give them their own blog to share their thoughts and expertise.

Your Learning Portal offers areas of support so your folks can engage in conversations within courses or even beyond the courses in Forums and Groups.

While your Blog is used as a Leadership Communication Tool or a Communication Vehicle, Forums and Groups are used to support learning. 

Groups are designed to group similar people, areas of the company, together for support on the job day to day. This could be in support of the material one is learning, but could also extend to developmental plans for groups or even individuals.

Groups are gatherings of members, posts and other user-generated content. 

Forums enable you and your employees to interact and exchange information.

Posts are not limited in time or length so you can post whatever amount of information necessary to get the information needed to your employees and everything posted can be read again and again as the need for the information arises.

Your organization can post educational information, policies, procedures and, more importantly, changes to them, in real time.

Your can share expertise with your organization not just once, but always, as the information remains in the forum for new employees, employees moving into new roles, or employees expanding their knowledge base.

                                    Beyond the Courseware

The Power of Facebook within Your Organization

connecting and conversing

Media and News Feeds

Links and Privacy

Your Learn Vet Me Learning LMS creates an interactive experience for all your employees on many different levels.

This aspect of your LMS is no different.

Each employee has their own space within the platform in which they can connect and converse with others in your organization.

Your employees can write on each other’s Walls and “Like” each other’s post, just like Facebook - Only Better - because they’re in conversation about your organization, their role in it and how they can support your organizations goals.


Photos and media can be added to create a visual tool to support any message you want to send.

News Feeds

New Feeds can be utilized for friends and groups so it’s easy to update individual and groups on the progress of goals or projects. 

Participants can support the successes with a “Like” activity post showing they are committed to and supporting the goals or projects.


Links can be added to useful outside information. 

Articles published with a new perspective on an old problem, new medical information available or an interesting observation or animal story can be shared quickly and efficiently.


Wall Privacy allows members to set privacy options when they post to their Walls.  

Visibility includes everyone, only you, all logged-in users or just friends.

                                    Beyond the Courseware

The Pointer Pavilion 


Cool Stuff

Reward Systems


Points are assigned to learning activities to inspire and motivate your employees to achieve higher levels of understanding and knowledge.

Earned Points

Points students earn can be cashed in for Cool Stuff like company t-shirts, coffee cups, massages, dinner, or even a weekend getaway for larger accomplishments, whatever you choose to reward your employees for learning, growing and expanding. 

Vendors love your folks learning more about their products and services and many offer products at no cost as rewards to your employees for doing just that - knowing their product.

Using the point system you can easily reward your employees and improve participation in your learning platform with cool stuff provided by your vendors.

Or you can fill it with time off, a homemade cheesecake, inexpensive knickknacks or whatever your folks like that fits your budget.

Reward Systems create interest, increased participation and an acceptance of responsibility. They motivate employees to be more productive by creating a feeling of pride and achievement and it brings a sense of joy that comes with accomplishing what they set out to do.

Reward systems promote and acknowledge your employee efforts and leads to improved outcomes for your employees and your organization.

The establishment of incentive programs motivate your employees to learn more and to be more.

And, Cool Stuff, is just fun to get, especially when one can bask in the glow of accomplishment and knowledge at work among peers and supervisors.


Your Employees

Your Management Team

Your Customers

To be the best version of themselves...

In every interaction. Every connection. Every conversation.

To grow themselves...

Their people, the business...

Beyond what they thought possible.

By providing a complete professional, caring and knowledgeable team to assist them at every turn. 

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